Olli Aarni
Born in 1988.
Lives in Helsinki.
Master of arts (Finnish language), University of Helsinki 2016.
Makes sounds, music, video, sound poetry and other things.
Does tricks on a skateboard.
Works as a publishing editor, though quite selectively these days. 

nature, “nature”, chaos, ︎13+11, simplicity, preserved black beans in chili oil, switch hardflips & the irregularity of ︎


Koko maailma (Students of Decay, 2023)
Loput (Laaps 2022)
Värejä hangella (Active Listeners Club 2021)
Mato syö lehteä (Superpang 2021)
Mustikoita ja kissankelloja (Mappa 2020)
Haalea (Longform Editions 2019)
Loputon (PAI 2018)
Nielu (Florabelle 2017)
Unimetsä (Flau 2017)
Kehä (Lal lal lal/Ikuisuus 2017)
Muovia (Preservation 2016)
Puu tuulessa (Cotton Goods 2015)
Korianteri (Lal lal lal 2014)
Yötaivas (Crummy Kids 2014)
Kimalle (Dauw 2014)
Koittaa aika (Sunshine LTD 2013)
Ylitse (Avant Archive 2011)

(my best work is yet to come 😘️)

also more albums with 
Band of Weeds, Misty Moon, Lichen Gumbo and Ostos, as well as even more under monikers Nuojuva and Ous Mal.

Live performances at events and venues such as
MaerzMusik (Berlin), radialsystem (Berlin), The Nordic House (Reykjavik), 安養院 (Tokyo), Uppsala Art Museum (Uppsala), Flow Festival (Helsinki), Jauna Muzika (Vilnius), Q-O2 (Bruessels), Alta Art Space (Malmö), Het Bos (Antwerpen), Kiasma (Helsinki), Tampere Biennale (Tampere), IHME Contemporary Art Festival (Helsinki), Pixelache (Helsinki) and Frameless (München).

Sound poetry/sound essay:

Tallentamisesta. Presented at the Runokuu festival in Helsinki, 2021.

Kaikki menee rikki. Radio feature with Jukka Herva. Yle 1, 2020.

Pisarassa. Presented at the Runokuu festival in Helsinki, 2020 and released by Nokturno, 2020.

Etäisyyksiä. Presented at the Mayday radio Marathon in Bruessels, 2020, and released by umland editions, 2020.

Merkkiääniä. Made during a digital residency with Nokturno, 2018.

Residencies in The Nordic House (Reykjavik), Q-O2 (Brussels), Elektronmusikstudion (Stockholm) and WORM (Rotterdam).

Other compositions:

“Siellä”. Oscillation Festival (Brussels), 2021.

“Timepiece”. A version of Peter Ablinger’s composition. MaerzMusik (Berlin), 2021. ⏱️

Workshops in Piet Zwart Institute Experimental Publishing mastercourse (Rotterdam) and WORM (Rotterdam).
Installations in group exhibitions:

“Tomukellot”. Hello Dust – Konsultaatioita. Outo olo, Helsinki 2020.

“Laatikko”. Paino – kokeellista runotaidetta. Galleria Ars Libera, Kuopio 2019.


Sija (for Forecast Festival)
Music for Winter Sports @ Common Multiverse Initiative with Active Listeners Club
Olli Aarni – Mustikoita ja kissankelloja (music video)
Roope Eronen – Angel Bounce (music video)
2ö18 (sk8 video)
Lichen Gumbo – Perfumed (music video)
Malmö Hyperspace (sk8 video)
NBD Files (sk8 video)
In search of Frasier DVD Box Set (sk8 video)

if you really want to see more of my sk8 videos, send me an email
Hard-to-classify work:
"Vantaanjoki" for Riversssounds

Band of Weeds (artist group with Kalle Hamm, Lauri Ainala and Hermanni Keko). Works exhibited and/or performed in Randers Museum of Art (Randers, Denmark) Akademie der Künste der Welt (Köln Germany), Stavanger Art Museum (Stavenger Norway), Ladera Oeste (Guadalajara Mexico), Liquid Architechture Gallery (Melbourne Australia), etc.

Selected publishing editor work:

Franco "Bifo" Berardi: Mahdollinen tulevaisuus ja toivottomuuden aika. Translation to Finnish by Mika Pekkola. Tutkijaliitto 2019.

Lauri Ainala: Tuote. Svart Publishing 2018

Marjo Kaartinen, Hannu Salmi & Marja Tuominen: Maamme – itsenäisen Suomen kulttuurihistoria. SKS 2016.


I guess that’s about it!